The importance of fostering mature digital technology use – protecting health, well-being and the environment

Recent research by one of our partner organisations, the lab for Applied Social Psychology and Consumer Behaviour at the University of Vienna, found interesting insights regarding adolescents’ ability for mature digital device use.

Get ready to play and improve your digital well-being: Our mobile game app is now ready to launch!

After months of dedicated work, we are thrilled to announce that our mobile game app is finally ready for testing! Our goal with this app is to strengthen the health, well-being, and environmental consciousness of students in relation to their use of digital devices.

How detecting misinformation can be taught at schools?

It comes as no surprise that digital revolution has led to the widespread dissemination of misinformation rendering the evaluation of the content’s credibility extremely important, since the adverse impacts of fake news could be not only disturbing, but also misleading, causing inappropriate behaviors. Therefore, Finland is investigating innovative methods to help students learn to identify false information and reinforce them against propaganda. It is evident that this Nordic country could set an example, since based on a survey published in October by the Open Society Institute in Bulgaria, ranked first out of numerous European countries regarding resilience against misinformation for the fifth time in a row.

BeWEEN Certificates

All junior and high school teachers who participated in the Erasmus+ Project BeWEEN: Be Well and Green when digital will be awarded with a certificate for their contribution to the workshop and creation of the project’s curriculum and teaching resources.

Teenagers Mental Health & Technology

The use of digital devices and services has become ubiquitous in modern society, and for teenagers, in particular, the integration of technology into their lives has become a natural part of daily routines. While there has been much debate about the potential risks and negative effects of excessive digital use, recent research suggests that digital devices and services can have significant benefits for teenagers' mental health.

Save energy using technology

As we become more reliant on technology in our daily lives, it's important to consider its impact on the environment. Energy consumption is one of the major environmental concerns associated with technology. However, with the help of energy-saving apps, you can reduce your energy usage and help protect the environment. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best energy-saving apps available and how they can help you reduce your energy consumption.

BeWEEN Project launches PR3!

After successful completion of our first set of tasks, the BeWEEN partners are now moving on to the next big step: Creating a mobile game app!

Revolutionizing Education: Teaching Resources to Teach Kids Well-being and Sustainability in the Digital Age, Ready for Implementation!

To create valuable and useful classroom resources, all BEWEEN partners organized workshops with high school teachers to delve into the important topics of well-being and sustainability in the digital age. Our primary objectives were twofold: firstly, to discuss these crucial subjects with teachers, and secondly, to tap into their pedagogical expertise and gather their valuable insights and ideas for potential tasks that promote more positive and responsible use of digital technology amongst students, fostering student well-being and sustainability.

BeWEEN workshop for high school teachers by Centre of tehnical culture

BeWEEN training for high school teachers took part as a two-day workshop in February of 2023. Each day of the training, one module of the online course was covered: Module A - Protecting health and well-being: Strengthening health and well-being in the era of technology on Friday, 24 th February, and Module B - Protecting the environment: The protection of the environment in the era of technology on Monday, 27 th February. The total of 15 highschool teachers participated in the workshops.

BeWEEN Workshop with Teachers by Future Needs

The workshop was conducted on December 22nd, 2023 in Greek Language, led by Future Needs. Seventeen teachers attended the workshop after they had reviewed the training material produced by the activities of PR2.

Digital competencies and DigComp framework

The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens – DigComp - is a framework implemented by the Joint Research Centre on behalf of the European Commission which provides a common understanding of what digital competence is.

Do you know what an ecolabel is?

Ecolabel is an environmental performance certification and labelling method that is applied worldwide as a way to characterize products or services that are proven to be better than others in a specific category, according to specific standards. If a product or service has an ecolabel, it means that it is certified according to a scientific standard. Requirements and products may vary, but all standards address multiple environmental and health issues that may include toxicity, air quality, energy and water use, recyclability, natural resource use, and other areas of concern. Ecolabels are a valuable policy tool which helps to achieve sustainable consumption. However, questions remain about the extent to which eco-labels can contribute to sustainable development efforts and how to maximize their effectiveness.

HELIOS@NTUA hosting the BEWEEN project’s Learning Management System

Helios is the platform on which the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as educational material, in a digital form. As such, building our LMS (Learning Management System) based on Helios and using Moodle functionalities for customizing its services’ offering, was actually a very efficient and practical decision.

Teachers are the key: BeWEEN workshop by Centre for peace, nonviolence and human rights – Osijek

As part of the BeWEEN project, a workshop was held with the high school teachers from Vukovar in December 2022, where we introduced the teachers with the goals and priorities of the project and their key role in building awareness to protect themselves and students from numerous health and environmental risks when using online tools and technological devices.


The second BEWEEN workshop took place -with great success- on November 26th, at NTUA Greece, during which we had the opportunity to sincerely communicate with twenty two (22) of our colleagues from five different high schools and discuss the emerging issues of children’s health and well-being, while using digital media, as well as the impact of their use to the planet’s sustainability and the environment.

Only a fifth of e-waste is ever recycled. It’s an untapped source of precious minerals.

According to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Forum, 56 million tonnes of e-waste are produced annually in the world and it’s the fastest-growing waste stream in the world. E-waste is full of key minerals and according to A New Circular Vision for Electronics only a fifth of the produced waste is recycled.

The European Research and Innovation Days

European Commission is committed to raising awareness around sustainability and proved it, by making year’s Research and Innovation Days, that took place on September 28th and 29th, the most sustainable edition to date. The European Research and Innovation Days brought societies and individuals closer to a more sustainable, digital, and greener future. By taking this opportunity, they also encouraged attendees to adopt some pro-environmental behaviors to reduce their environmental impact during and beyond the event.

Third Transnational Project Meeting: Vienna, October 2022

From October 17-18, 2022, the University of Vienna welcomed its international partners from the Erasmus+ project BeWEEN in Vienna, for the third transnational project meeting.

During the course of two days, the past progress and current tasks were shared and discussed, and next steps were decided on.

Science meets practice: BeWEEN Training by the University of Vienna

As part of the BEWEEN project, we held a workshop with 18 high school teachers, discussing well-being and sustainability in the digital world. The workshop had two main goals: First, the workshop aimed to introduce teachers to relevant research insights regarding abilities which enable a responsible use of digital technologies for well-being and the environment. Second, the goal was to gather the pedagogical expertise of teachers and collect ideas for potential tasks to encourage a more positive use of digital technology by students, regarding both students’ well-being and sustainability.

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