The second BEWEEN workshop took place -with great success- on November 26th, at NTUA Greece, during which we had the opportunity to sincerely communicate with twenty two (22) of our colleagues from five different high schools and discuss the emerging issues of children’s health and well-being, while using digital media, as well as the impact of their use to the planet’s sustainability and the environment.

The workshop programme was structured in three discrete sections, in alignment with its objectives, i.e. assess the level of the teachers’ familiarity with the training resources uploaded in the BEWEEN Learning Management System, discuss identified issues and material shortcomings, if any, and last but not least, propose specific improvements in terms of content, presentation, delivery methods and other in-class activities, which could help the teaching efforts in practice.

In the first section, we had the opportunity to ascertain that teachers were, in their majority, fully up to date with the content of the modules. We achieved that by using a gamified approach combining short lectures and knowledge quizzes to which, everybody could participate using her/his mobile phone. In the second section, we received valuable feedback on the BEWEEN materials, by utilizing a hybrid approach, combining in-class discussion and co-development of electronic ideation canvases (one for each module), using the Mural web platfom. Finally, the objective of the third section was achieved by creating teams and providing them with the assignment to prepare ideation murals with proposed practical improvements, in terms of both content and teaching practices.

The evaluation of our workshop by the participants, proved that it was indeed a great success. Teachers felt motivated and perceived the work of the BEWEEN project as a potential value contributor to their every day jobs. At the end of the workshop, we were happy to hear that all of them were willing to continue their support to the programme.

The workshop was designed, planned, organized and implemented by NTUA’s ORLOG (Operational Research & Logistics) Lab. Special thanks go to Dr. George Chatzistelios from Metrotechnics Lab@NTUA and of course to all our teachers, voluntarilly participating in the programme. It would not be possible without them!

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