The image was taken from the official website of the European Commission.

The European Research and Innovation Days

European Commission is committed to raising awareness around sustainability and proved it, by making year’s Research and Innovation Days, that took place on September 28th and 29th, the most sustainable edition to date. The European Research and Innovation Days brought societies and individuals closer to a more sustainable, digital, and greener future. By taking this opportunity, they also encouraged attendees to adopt some pro-environmental behaviors to reduce their environmental impact during and beyond the event. These tips were the following:

Lower the video quality when streaming where possible. Changing from HD or 4K to standards can reduce your carbon footprint by about 94%.
Switch off your camera when not needed. This can cut the carbon footprint of a call by about 84%.
Reduce the brightness of your computer monitor. Changing from 100% to 70% brightness can save up to 20% of the energy used, without affecting your experience.
Switch off your computer when not in use. Not only does this save power, but improves your laptop performance and is better for its battery.

Following EC’s example, BeWEEN’s activities also attempt to raise teachers’ awareness around sustainability and encourage pro-environmental behaviors. Teachers in their turn can then include interactive activities with their students, further increasing in this manner the reach of sustainability’s importance in protecting the environment.

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