BeWEEN Project launches PR3!

After successful completion of our first set of tasks, the BeWEEN partners are now moving on to the next big step: Creating a mobile game app!

Over the next months, led by Future Needs, we will work together to create a mobile game app for students. The goal of the app is to strengthen students’ health, well-being and protection of the environment related to their use of digital devices.

Students will be able to move through several levels of the game, learning about how their health, well-being and the environment are impacted by and connected to the use of digital devices, the internet and social media.

Future Needs has already drafted a great design for the levels of the app. As a next step, we aim to engage youth learners in the content creation. We hope that students will provide us with input regarding their use of digital devices and media, and ideas how we can design the mobile game to be an interesting and fun learning experience for them.

We will build on this to create the content of the app, including knowledge and behavioural change components. Later on, the app will be tested and evaluated by students, in order for us to improve it further.

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