BeWEEN workshop for high school teachers by Centre of tehnical culture

BeWEEN training for high school teachers took part as a two-day workshop in February of 2023. Each day of the training, one module of the online course was covered: Module A - Protecting health and well-being: Strengthening health and well-being in the era of technology on Friday, 24 th February, and Module B - Protecting the environment: The protection of the environment in the era of technology on Monday, 27 th February. The total of 15 highschool teachers participated in the workshops.

During the workshops, participants deepened their knowledge, opinions and experiences related to the topics of health, well-being and protection of the environment in the era of technology, discussed the ideas and guidelines on how to help their students become citizens that understand the positive aspects, as well as challenges placed in front of us by technology (Module A) and thought about guidelines on how to motivate their students to actively think about the importance of pro-ecological behaviours when using digital devices and technologies. As a conclusion of each of the two workshops, teachers developed materials for students, that is for implementing topic-related activities in the classroom settings.

Each of the two workshops lasted for five hours (10 hours of workshops in total). Methods used during the workshops included discussion, group work, working in teams, individual tasks, etc. The participants positively evaluated the workshops: they were especially satisfied with the interactive nature of the workshops, innovative and interesting assignments they were given and the atmosphere of the workshops which allowed them to share their opinions and ideas openly and actively. They were interested in the topics and felt inspired and motivated, at the end of the workshops, to implement the devised materials in their classrooms and to further discuss and explore the topics of health and protection of the environment with their students.

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