BeWEEN Workshop with Teachers by Future Needs

The workshop was conducted on December 22nd, 2023 in Greek Language, led by Future Needs. Seventeen teachers attended the workshop after they had reviewed the training material produced by the activities of PR2.

The agenda followed in the workshop was the following:

  • Introduction to the workshop

  • Open discussion with teachers regarding activities relevant to the project’s training material they may had included in their lessons in the past

  • Brief introduction to the project

  • Brief summary of training material

  • Questions regarding the training material

  • Another relevant example from another project in which teachers included activities to their classroom

  • Ideas forming for activities to be included in the classroom

  • Discussion around ideas

  • Feedback regarding training material

  • End of live workshop

Overall, teachers were very interested in implementing the training material in their lessons, they found the project’s work useful and innovative. The discussion was fruitful and led to the generation of many ideas as products of the training material.

On top of that, a follow-up survey was sent to the participants to give them the opportunity to share any additional ideas they may have had after the conclusion of the workshop.

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