Training materials

Module A - Protecting health and well - being: Strengthening health and well- being in the era of technology

UNIT 1 - Digital maturity

Protecting against potential risks and promoting the healthy use of digital technologies

UNIT 2 - Positive and negative effects of digital technologies

The two sides of the digital coin – The risks and opportunities of digital technologies

UNIT 3 - Challenges in the digital world

 How to deal with them and use them to your advantage

Case study - Digital maturity

An example – Lena and her new smartphone

Case study - Digital maturity - Solution

The solution to the example – How Lena regains her autonomy

Optional handout to positive and negative effects

A crisp summary of the opportunities and risks of digital technologies

Module B - Protecting the environment: The protection of the environment in the era of technology

UNIT 1 - Embodying values

Technology and the environment – How we use technology responsibly

UNIT 2 - Understanding the problem

The dark side of technology – The negative consequences of technology use for the planet

UNIT 3 - Solving the problem

Technology and environmental protection – Practical guidelines for environmentally friendly behavior


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